CA Holland Annual Convention 2022

Voor Nederlands

Conference Centre Leeuwenhorst – Noordwijk

25 – 27 Februari 2022

In the weekend of 25 Februari, Cocaine Anonymous will return to Conference Centre Leeuwenhorst for the 11th Dutch Convention of Cocaine Anonymous.


25-02 - FridayFrom 17.00 hours10,- euro
26-02 - SaturdayAll day20,- euro
27-02 - sundayUntil 16.00 hours10,- euro
Weekend ticketsFriday 17.00 until sunday 16.0035,- euro

Order tickets via: Tickets

Hotel arrangements at Leeuwenhorst:

Two nights, breakfast and the Banquet for 250,- euro.

Link for bookings will be posted as soon as possible.

Program follows!


In the spirit of Tradition Six, C.A. is not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution.